Welcome to the Nova Scotia Herpetofauna (reptile and amphibian) reporting site. The Nova Scotia Herpetology atlas was launched in 2021 to engage citizens in collecting information about reptile and amphibian distribution in Nova Scotia.

If you wish to report a sighting of an amphibian or reptile in Nova Scotia, you can go to our Report a Sighting page. Give as as much detail as you are able and if you have information to share that isn't accommodated by the various fields, please let us know more in the comments.

If you are doing a more formal survey, you can go to Report Effort to report the survey effort. After each effort record, you can also submit details about the individual sightings encountered during that effort session.

Ultimate Herp Challenge
We are challenging you to find all 22 species of herptiles in Nova Scotia. This will not be an easy task and for every category you complete, you will earn one of four badges, the Frog Finder, Salamander Scout, Turtle Tracker or Snake Seeker. When you find all 22 species you will earn your fifth and final badge, the Ultimate Herper.
To enter the challenge, you must sign up online (https://forms.office.com/r/FnhAWyAi8j) so that we can track your progress. You can submit sightings through our Herp Atlas website, via email or through iNaturalist, just make sure you join the Nova Scotia Herp Atlas project (https://inaturalist.ca/projects/nova-scotia-herp-atlas). The atlas is a collaborative effort to learn about the abundance and distribution of reptile and amphibian species. You can help by getting outside and uploading all the reptiles and amphibians you see or hear.
Remember to herp responsibly, please follow all public health guidelines and minimize disturbance to wildlife.
For this challenge everyone will start from the beginning and only sightings made after January 1, 2024 will be considered. Are you ready for the Ultimate Challenge?